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We combine the mastery of craftsmanship with industrial techniques.

Confezionisti moda

Made in Italy

We are industrial tailors.

We have been manufacturing high-end clothing for more than twenty years. We are a facility that produces women’s, men’s and children’s collection of important fashion brands.

Style is the procedure with which a work is created.

It is own natural way of behaving and dealing with situations.

It is a unique clothing design.

Style is elegance and refinement.


hour beating heart


process and product


social and environmental commitment

Industry excellence.

We offer our customers the reliability and competence of Made in Italy, combining craftsmanship with industry techniques. We are careful to both ethics and respect for the environment, siding with conscious and sustainable fashion.

Registered office: Via Naviglio, 1/A – 44123 Ferrara
P.IVA e C.F.:01835600386

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