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Beating Heart

Style is a unique clothing design, it is elegance and refinement.

Our reality is made up of a CAD department for modeling, prototyping, sample departments, production and final ironing with quality control.

Laser e Bonding

Laser and Bonding

In step with the times.

Turning our attention to the evolution of the industry and customer needs, we have introduced:

  • a three-dimensional design system with CLO3D software.
  • ua line with a bonding system for the production of seamless technical garments through taping, gluing and laser cutting.

Just in time production.

The garments made in our headquarters a few kilometers from Ferrara will be delivered, within the agreed time, to the customer’s warehouses.

We obtained a financial grant from the European Regional Development Fund, reserved to companies operating in the artistic craftmanship, which allowed us to undertake important requalification works in our production site.

Registered office: Via Naviglio, 1/A – 44123 Ferrara
P.IVA e C.F.:01835600386

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